5 Tips for Blog Writing for Your Business!

5 Tips for Blog Writing for Your Business!

Writing a blog for your customers can be difficult if you don’t know what to do. Blogs can transform your business by giving your current and potential customers a friendly, fun and helpful way to experience your brand.

Here are 5 Tips for Blog Writing for Your Business:


Your business needs a strategy to survive; otherwise, your customers will be as confused. It is the same for blogs! Make sure that what you are writing about is relevant and exciting to your READER. Write for your customers, not your business.

You’ll benefit from keeping a list of blog ideas that fit in with your business plan, and it also means you won’t be scrambling for an idea at the last minute!


Your blogging style should be reflective of your business. Blogs are meant to be informal so don’t make the tone too intimidating for your customer! It’s best not to pitch your business every second line because your reader will see right through it and stop reading. Nobody likes overselling!


Writing a blog for your business is not the same as writing a novel, so keep your blog posts short and simple to read. Your intended target wants to find an answer to a question that you can give them, so don’t overcomplicate matters. 400 – 600 words should do it!


Make sure that people can share your blog. Add social buttons to your page so that your readers can share your post with others. This way, you can raise your brand’s visibility!

Remember to share your blog on your social media channels now and then because your readers might not even know you have a blog!


You can write a blog once a month, once a week, once a day or once an hour. Whichever amount suits you and your business, however, never abandon your blog if you want it to be successful.

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