6 Ways to Launch a Brand!

6 Ways to Launch a Brand!

Launching a brand, product, or service can be daunting when you think of all the aspects that need to go into planning, coordination and implementation.

We try to learn from significant leaders like Steve Jobs, Oprah, Elon Musk and Dame Carolyn McCall, but how much of their legacies can you put into practice for small businesses?

Here are 6 Ways to Launch a Brand for a Small Business:


There is no point releasing your brand into the world if there is no demand. If there is demand, then there is an audience and if you know who exactly you want to target – what are their interests, their likes, dislikes, buying habits, etc. – your life as a small business owner becomes a great deal more straightforward.

This research takes time, but it is imperative that you study. Otherwise, you’ll always be asking yourself: “why is nobody buying my brand”?

If you’re a vegan restaurant, who are you going to target? The Meat-Lover Society? Probably not!


The buzzword for 2018 is Trust, and the reason for this is wholly justified.

There is no use in saying that your brand does everything and is the best of its kind because simply put, your customers won’t believe a word you say unless you prove it.

Your audience wants to trust you, so you have to give them something that offers that assurance. Writing a blog or filming informational videos can raise positive perceptions for your business as people like to see a personable brand that they can connect with and to


If a customer wants to visit your website after receiving your business card and sees that your brand, e.g. Sam’s Saunas has a website name of www.yourbathroomman.com they may not remember your business, especially if your email address is 123john123@btconnect.co.uk

Make sure that you brand everything! Colour schemes too!


If you decided one day to show off your brand that evening without any preamble, then your business will have a very brief launch.

Build hype around your business and gather that crowd of interested people. Start your brand launch early by turning it into a mystery. Who is this business, who is this brand that has people talking? If you make a big deal about your product or service, then it will get more attention from the offset.


If you let a select few people experience your business before it goes public, this builds energy. Have you ever walked down the street and saw a food vendor handing out the newest creation of their ice-cream or fruit smoothie?

This technique makes people instantly have a positive experience with your brand, and they are likelier to remember and return. There is a small cost for a more significant gain!


If you’re launching your brand, try not to take months upon months to build hype before you release because this not only tires out you, but your audience will get bored and forget, moving on to the next, more instantly gratifying business that came along.

Plan your launch, but overplanning may kill your brand too.


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