December: a month of Miracles, of Sorrow, Love and Sharing!

December: a month of Miracles, of Sorrow, Love and Sharing!

At Globe Media Studio we advise our clients to put time into developing their blog about subjects connected to their business and to reel in a strategy and message to share with their public and stakeholders.

This time I wanted to personally write our first blog because the year that just passed, 2017, was incredibly special for the team and me. However, it ended in great sadness and sorrow as I lost someone who was my unconditional love and support; my Mum, Danica.

There was not a time in 2017 where I wasn’t under my mum’s guidance, and I am blessed that she was involved in every corner of the creation of Globe Media Studio despite living in Zagreb, Croatia and us in London. She was always one Face-Time call away to help, listen, advise, give her critique or for anything that I needed. Whatever the reason, she was there for me.

We launched Globe Media Studio with the kind support of the Ambassador of Croatia in UK & Northern Ireland HE Dr Ivan Grdesic (his successor Croatian Ambassador HE Igor Pokaz took over the role in Autumn 2017). With his blessing and the welcome of many guests, friends and future business partners, we held our launch party at the Croatian Embassy in London in June. What incredible support for Globe Media Studio, the new kid on the market; one could not ask for more.

Globe Media Studio launch Party

Every beginning is difficult, and it may be cliché to say, but it is tough. There were many times when quitting becoming the inevitable; when you think it was all a bad idea and life would be easier to continue in a secure and paid job. However, the universe always has a plan for you if you show that you have the courage and the potential to create something worth sharing. We, of course, had a business plan as so many small businesses do, and hoped that all would go as we had planned. A couple of months had passed, and we finally started getting trust from our hugely valuable clients, and we were slowly getting to the point of believing in our business idea again.

Mum was proud and happy, but I soon realised something was not as it used to be. She was physically weaker, yet, as she always has been, very much strong mentally and ready to tell me off if I crossed the line and asked too much. I visited my parents in Zagreb many times throughout 2017, almost every two months and at times, even twice in the same month.

This passing November I bought a one-way ticket and wanted to stay with Mum for as long as she needed me, not knowing that my mum was very ill. I could not comprehend that this would be the last time that I would arrive back to London, in which the first call when I landed would not be from my mum.

My mum had the best care in the Croatian Hospital Rebro, her team of doctors were the kindest and most trained people I have ever met, and I know that God sent angels to the angels.

Yes, she was a real ANGEL. Mum was too weak to fight Leukaemia, and she parted at the beginning of December, in a month of miracles, advent, Chanukah, love and a month of giving.

It was hard, and it is still enormously difficult to deal with the sorrow. However, this all gave me the courage to transform sadness and grief into miracles and to share those wonders too.

While in Croatia we decided for Globe Media Studio to support the marvellous, charitable project for the Croatian Charity #JAKKAOJAKOV with the #fullmontychallenge initiative featuring Croatian Actor Zoran Pribicevic. Together with other generous sponsors (DieselSolgarSalvitZia Production & Entertainment) we collected funds for this astounding charity which supports children who suffer onchological illnesses.

Charity Event Skini se kad treba

I learned in this moment of sadness that if you share then you are never alone and the universe will guide you towards people and situations that will make you stronger than ever before. It was a month of deep sorrow but also a month of support and love, and I choose this platform to say “Thank You” to all our dear friends our supportive clients and business partners who were there for us and helped us to create miracles for each other.

I hope that 2018 will be a good year and please make sure you do not leave crucial moments in your life for tomorrow. Call your parents, make something special for them, call your very long forgotten friends and ask for their forgiveness because you might not have a second chance.

Call us if you need help with any form of Social Media support, Digital Marketingor any media presence or ring us if you are passing by Chelsea and want to grab a coffee.

Globe Media Studio team is growing, and we hope our future projects will make a mark in this universe!

Happy New Year!



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