Vlogging For Business!

Vlogging For Business!

What is a Vlog? What does ‘Vlogging’ mean? Who are Vloggers? Moreover, how can you use a Vlog for your business?

These might be questions that you have asked as a small business owner, having heard these terms thrown about by Millennials and Generation Z’s.

What is a Vlog?

A vlog is a video diary. In the same way that a blog is an online written diary, a vlog is a blog with video content – with audio, pictures and more!

What does ‘vlogging’ mean?

Vlogging is the activity or practice of posting short videos to or maintaining a vlog (Oxford Dictionary, 2018) and the type of person who uploads these videos are called vloggers!

Why do I need to edit my vlogs?

Your video can 10 seconds or 10 hours long, but what is the best length for your video? It depends on your subject and the type of audience you want to attract.

Any video longer than ten minutes eats away at your viewers desire to watch because our attention span has gone down. Short videos are concise and informative, while longer videos are conversational and aim to create a dialogue.

You don’t necessarily need to edit your vlogs; however, if you feel like your message isn’t flowing well and you want to incorporate elements into your video that enhance the experience, then you’ll want to edit your video.

Find yourself a good video editor that you can use (there are several free options you can find online). Learning how the editor works can be frustrating but the more practice you have, the better quality your videos will be!

Vlogs for Business

By having excellent video content that people are interested in learning about then your business is growing its reputation. With an increased positive reputation comes customers who want to buy what you provide.

If you’re asking yourself – what is the point of making free content? – you’re not yet thinking about how valuable that free content can be to you and your business.

Once you have established your vlogging style, and you have subscribers and regular viewers, you will be able to host adverts on your videos.

As of January 2018, YouTube changed their advertising policies so that to run an advert on your video and receive payments from those adverts you need to have the following criteria: new channels will need to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months to be eligible for ads.

Remember that the internet is an ever-changing environment so you will have to keep searching and reading the news to get the most up-to-date information because you may find what was relevant 1-year ago is irrelevant today.


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